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A Dupli version is available for all the series Art, Rec, Ter and Mil only in version CORTO.
Features distinguishing Dupli version are the vertical position of the retention pin and the shape of the sheath granting restoration of high esthetical value. Dupli Rec intra version allows the bonding of both matrix and patrix which compensate any potential inaccuracy of fit.

The only one dental attachment international  with vertical pin.



  • Vertical pin for an easier duplicating proceeding without any dragging, cracks and inaccuracies in the silicon
  • Bonding of the sheath avoiding problems of soldering
  • Male easily changed without any intervention in the visible part of the denture
  • It can be activated


Matrix Patrix
  • All matrices of all series of attachments
  • Differents materials following the series chosen
  • Three components: male, sheath and pin
  • One version CORTO for all series Art, Rec, Ter and Mil
  • Two materials: precious alloy and stainless steel
  • Two inclinations: 90° and 105°


Usage advices  

Indications Fixation
  • Upper and lower dentures
  • Dentures with bounded saddles and free-end sections
  • Unilateral and bilateral dentures

MATRIX: soldered or cast-on or bonded or cast with precious and non precious alloys depending on the serie Art, Rec, Ter and Mil

PATRIX: bonded or soldered to removable partial denture with precious and non precious alloys

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