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Rigid attachments

Easy to adapt during the positioning and simple to finish up during the fitting, Swift-Art represents the calcinable product of highest precision on the market.
Economic and reliable, Swift-Art is the best answer to whom desires an universal attachment suitable both to the simplest traditional combined prostheses and to the most complex implant-supported restorations.

The best solution for a dental attachment international  of calcinable plastic always in stock.


White fabrication matrix
One offset male (125°) that allows the male to be placed closer to the tissue
Four colour coded matrices for a consistent level of retention: white, green, yellow and red
Matrix easily changed
Patrix can be reduced up to 3 mm
13 year life duration, if positioned and maintained following the instructions for use
Great retention thanks to a friction area of 28 mm2 (so obtained: heightxperimeter = 4x7)


Matrix Patrix
• Four different friction levels
• Two inclinations: 90° and 125°


Usage advices  

Indications Fixation
► Lower and upper partial dentures

► Free-end and/or bounded restorations

► Unilateral and bilateral dentures

► Bars on implants

⇒ MATRIX: fitted in the removable partial denture and held in it

⇒ PATRIX: cast as part of crown pattern

Working Procedures for SWIFT-ART attachments
Combined prosthesis on abutment teeth

  1. Insertion of 125° and 90° patrix
  2. Wax milling
  3. Finishing of the groove
  4. Passivation proof with white matrix
  5. Master model prepared for duplicating
  6. Wax modelling of the milled surface
  7. Removal of the white matrix
  8. Framework cast
  9. Fitting of the green matrix into the framework
Bar on implants

  1. Swift-Art patrix applied to a bar on implants
  2. Bar cast and finished
  3. Swift-Art matrix fitted into the framework

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