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Ball & socket stud type attachment

S-ball is a ball & socket stud type attachment very easy to use, economical and versatile; it is suitable either for simple restorations or for overdentures on implants. Available in Micro and Supermicro size, S-ball offers matrices with three color coded degrees of retention. The matrix housing retained in the framework allows the matrices to be easily replaced also at chairside. The calcinable plastic patrices of different shapes permit their positioning both in extension or intraradicularly.

S-ball, the easiest ball & socket dental attachment international available on the market.

S-ball MICRO females

diam. 2,21 mm


S-ball matrix housing

versione MICRO 2,21 mm versione SUPERMICRO 1,71 mm


S-ball sfere MICRO

diam. 2,21 mm


S-ball MICRO bars

diam. 2,21 mm



diam. 1,71 mm

  • Does not require exact parallelism
  • Frictional retention
  • Radicular snap
  • Patrix with built in paralleling mandrel
  • Three colour coded matrices for three retentive strengths (lightest to strongest): transparent, white, yellow.
  • Can be used with or without the metal housing


Matrix Patrix
  • Three retentive strengths: light, standard and high
  • One housing that can or can not be used to hold the matrix in the framework
  • Two sizes: micro (ø 2,21 mm) and supermicro (ø 1,71 mm)
  • Three shapes: bar, rounded bar and sigle ball


Usage advices  

Indications Fixation
  • Lower and upper partial dentures
  • Free-end and/or bounded restorations
  • Unilateral and bilateral dentures
  • Overdenture bars
  • Overdentures on radicular caps

MATRIX: fitted directly in the framework or in its housing retained in the removable partial denture
waxed and cast with a coping or bar pattern

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