Rock Lock

abutment transfer system

ROCK LOCK is a mechanical locking system of the analogue that grants stability and precision to the abutment, preserving the master model from stress during the abutment milling.
ROCK LOCK, is an innovating transfer system for abutments.
It allows the abutment milling, positioning it on a balancing support that locks in a very steady and safe way the analogue of the implant.
It can be adapted to every milling machine and its using preserves the master model from stresses, vibrations and also grits.
The transfer system, available in various versions, can be personalized for each kind of implant by the adaptation of its main components made by Artiglio.
The ROCK LOCK system improves the implant milling operations and, above all, reduces the times of abutments transfer and milling.
Sileno is furnished equipped with ROCK LOCK for the grip of implants analogues and of their abutments but this system can be adapted to all ARTIGLIO’s milling machines and now also to almost all the other milling machines on the market.
It is made up of:
- a withdrawing system called MODI, to take the abutment;
- a transfer system called BIDI (for SILENO) or TRIDI (for all other milling machines);
- a repositioning system called ROCK;
- a transfer support to use the ROCK LOCK system on the milling machine, to allow its sliding, locking or unlocking.
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