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Perseo Alfa

Milling machine for ceramic finishing

PERSEO is a milling machine specifically designed for the finishing of primary elements of ceramic materials (sintered zirconia, zirconia implants, alumina, and metal free all-ceramic).
Studied to be used with a water turbine, to avoid micro-fissures in the ceramic, can adopt each kind of laboratory turbine (upon dimensional compatibility check).
Supplied with an innovative water collect system, it permits to work in a more ergonomic and quicker way, saving all the elements of the machine.
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    Worked materials
    Zirconia *****
    Technical data
    Machine dimensions (mm) 200x280x420
    Machine Weight (kg)


    Dimensions hydro pneumatic feeder (mm) 220x170x210
    Weight hydro pneumatic feeder (kg) 3,5
    Turbine speed (rpm) 0÷300.000
    Turbine pressure (bar) 2,8÷3,2
    Turbine air consumption (l/min) 40
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