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Milling machine for ceramic finishing

CELLINI represents the top of the mechanics to the service of the dental laboratory for the ceramic milling and finishing.
CELLINI is a milling machine with extremely easy handling and ease of use mechanically equipped to work on ceramic materials thanks to specific systems, devices and solutions.
Cellini is a milling machine endowed with a turbine with water cooling and characterized by:
  • an external arc of movement, innovative and sole solution, to work with the hands resting on the working bench and never in contact with the water;
  • adjustable pantograph arm, mounted on a raised platform equipped with a water draining working plane MULTI-PIN;
  • turbine support, adjustable in height and position, that allows the fast removal of the turbine for its use as handpiece;
  • SPRING model holder that allows the locking of the model and the surveying of its insertion axis granting an innovating draining and protecting system from the working water;
  • halogen spotlight.
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