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Abutment transfer system for milling TOWER MILL

It is a fast and sure system that allows to transfer the abutment to be milled from the master model in a special system to be screwed on model holder Artiglio.
It keeps the position of the connection and the inclination of the analog without any inaccuracy usually determined by systems too simplified.
  1. Bond the abutment (or the transfer screw) with a quick bonding system (gel + accelerator spray) to a transfer pin T 590 or T560 or T523 inserted in a milling machine.
  1. Once raised the arm of the milling machine, take out the transfer pin from the mandrel;
  1. Unscrew the abutment, bonded with the transfer pin,  from the analog of the model and take it away;
  1. Insert an analog, just alike the one of the model, into the universal cylinder T210 oo into the standard cylinder T220 and lock it with resin or wax;
  1. (for UNIVERSAL VERSION ) Mount the fixing tower T307 on the model holder and insert the universal cylinder T210. Screw both fixing screws to fix the cylinder into the tower or;
  1. (for STANDARD VERSION ) Mount the standard cylinder T220 on the model holder and lock it with its pin;
  1. Insert the abutment, bonded to the transfer pin, into the analog fixed in the cylinder;
  1. Find the path of insertion, using the realigner B235 inserted into the transfer pin, tilting the model holder base till the air bubble is into the circumference drwn on the slide of the realigner;
  1. Lock the inclination of the model holder and detach the transfer pin frim the abutment.
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