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Cross model holder AR1/TC

complete model holder

AR1/TC is a special model holder base made up of:
- cross table, with transversal and longitudinal micrometric movements;
- inclinable and adjustable model holder plate support.
Ideal for straight-line bars, T-attachments and all works that need micrometric movements.
Usually provided with aluminium disc and vacuum locking system, it is also available with:
- steel disc, for its locking on magnetic working plane or;
- fixed magnetic disc, for its locking on steel working plane or;
- switch off magnetic disc, for its locking on steel working plane.
In the sideways picture a model holder plate A54/P, not included accessory, is assembled on the AR1/TC base.
1st STEP 1st STEP 
2nd STEP 2nd STEP 
3rd STEP 3rd STEP 
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