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zirconia milling

Zirconia milling within the reach of everybody.
Compact, easy to use and economical are the features that make the KOMPAKT pantograph an instrument that every dental technician can decide to put in his laboratory to satisfy the new requirements of the market.
A new opportunity for the laboratory to maintain an absolute autonomy for the construction of abutments, single caps, bridges with three/four elements.
Peculiar feature of KOMPAKT is the extreme ease of use together with the working precision (the mandrel is equipped with extra-precise porta-chuck nuts with maximum eccentricity 0,01 mm), result of a careful designing that has brought to the realization of a machine suitable for everybody.
The exclusive adjustable satellite handgrip, the panoramic view of the work and a universal assembly for dust suction make KOMPAKT to be unique of its kind among the other pantographs already on the market.

Why choose KOMPAKT pantograph
Zirconia milling for everyone!
KOMPAKT allows all laboratories to start doing zirconia milling with a high precision
machine, absolutely within the reach of everybody.

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by Nino Squadrito
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Kompakt at work Kompakt at work 
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