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A1 Air

Gold Line

A1 Air is a precision dental milling machine with movable tri-dimensional arm with vertical stop and guide to realize holes, channels, chamfers and interlocks. It is furnished with all the main items to do milling, attachments assembly and surveying. Equipped with electrical micro motor (with complete porta-chuck nuts ø 2,35 – 3 – 1,6 mm), digital electronic feeder with adjustable speed, electrical pedal, model holder and incorporated mandrel for attachments assembly and surveying.

Why choose A1 Air

  • Excellent quality/price ratio.
  • To lock the model holder in the desired position
  • For its cooling system that grants a quicker working, more polished walls and less consumption of burs
  • Easy to use, universal and suitable for any purpose: attachments assembly, surveying, milling.
  • It is a basic structure with the possibility to mount different arms on it for many different purposes (drilling, threading, …). 
  • It can be equipped with a complete set for the finishing of ceramic materials.

Allowed techniques
  • attachments assembly and positioning
  • surveying
  • free-hand milling
  • guided milling to realize holes, channels, chamfers and interlocks on wax, resin, alloys, abutments

Micro motor with quick bur release

Motor assembly (with medium eccentricity 0.02 mm) that allows the release and the locking of the bur in a very short time (about 5 seconds), reducing the working time.

Mandrel for attachments assembly and surveying

Accessory incorporated in the movable arm of the machine and coaxially positioned to the micro motor. This makes the attachments assembly and the surveying simultaneous and precise.

Separate digital electronic feeder

It supplies the electrical feeding to the machine and is equipped with all regulation and control devices. Easily removable and multi position for several uses.

Mechanical model holder

It allows to fix and lock many different kinds of models and to work without using any transfer technique.


Base locking unit
Very practical system, safe and reliable that allows to lock the base or to move it without friction on the whole working plane.
Bur cooling circuit
Pneumatic system that sends air or nebulized air-oil to the bur, during the wax and metal milling, allowing a quicker working, more polished walls and less consumption of burs.
Granite working plane
Lay surface of the model holder. It is the ground structure of the machine that grants a comfortable working position to the operator and the preservation of the flatness with the passing of time.

Adjustable supporting crosspiece
Support of the movable arm of the machine that allows adjusting the working position to the height of the model.



A1 Air - Gold Line

Measuring tracer point
Device allowing the measuring of the working to be done.

Lighting system
Adjustable lighting system for the machine that improves the tri-dimensional perspective of the model without shadows. Being not reflective it is less tiring.

Led lamp
Shadow-free illumination.

A1 Air STONE set
Set of accessories that can be assembled to the machine for the finishing of primary elements made of ceramic materials (sintered zirconia, zirconia implants, alumina, metal free all-ceramic).
A turbine with water cooling, to avoid micro-fissures in the ceramic materials, and an innovative water collect system allow to work safely protecting all the elements of the machine.

A1 Air - Gold Line

Worked materials
Wax ***
Resin ***
Precious alloys ***
Non precious alloys ***
Titanium ***
Implants ***
Zirconia (with optional STONE set) **
Technical data
Machine dimensions (mm) 280x200x480
Dimensions electronic feeder (mm) 195x190x80
Machine Weight (kg) 13
Weight electronic feeder (kg) 4
Micro motor
Speed (rpm) 1.500÷27.000
Pressure (bar) 3÷4
Air consumption (l/min) 40
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