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A5 unit Tredi

Premium Line

In the innovative Artiglio’s pantographs of fourth generation and in the original pyramidal structure of A5 milling machine have been optimized all the elements that make the machine adequate to the exigencies of a dental laboratory. Equipped with pantograph arm with stops and guides to realize holes, channels, chamfers and interlocks and supplied with all necessary accessories for milling, attachments assembly and surveying. Furnished with DC powered chuck (with complete porta-chuck nuts ø 2,35 and 3 mm), digital electronic feeder with adjustable speed, pneumatic-electrical pedal, lockable model holder, spotlight and mandrel for attachments assembly and surveying.

Why choose A5

  • Incomparable manageability exalted during the milling on wax and precious alloys.
  • It is the “optimum” of the pantograph arm.
  • It is a prestigious machine that also increases the prestige of the laboratory that owns it.

  • DC powered chuck
  • Digital electronic feeder
  • Spotlight
  • Pneumatic-electrical double pedal
  • Air-oil cooling assembly
  • Mechanical model holder
  • Granite working plane
  • Complete porta-chuck nut ø 2,35 mm and 3 mm
  • Ergonomic handgrip
  • Universal mandrel
  • Milling lubricating oil

A5 unit Tredi - Premium Line

Worked materials
Wax *****
Resin *****
Precious alloys ****
Non precious alloys **
Titanium **
Implants **
Zirconia -
Technical data
Machine dimensions (mm) 420x420x450
Machine Weight (kg) 16
Dimensions electronic feeder (mm) 195x190x80
Weight electronic feeder (kg) 4
Speed (rpm) 1.000÷20.000
Pressure (bar) 3÷4
Air consumption (l/min) 40
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