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software for the 3D pre-surgical planning


Winmed, software for the 3d pre-surgical planning of the dental implant treatment. Extreme accuracy of elaboration, which eliminates the alignment distortions of the patient during the CT scans, joined to a perfect compatibility with several implant brands and to an extreme ease of use: that’s why any clinician cannot do without Winmed software. Its main feature is to achieve the highest predictability of the implant placement avoiding those mistakes that can occur during an implant treatment without any pre-surgical planning and any surgical prosthetic guide.

The last release of Winmed calculates also the mean implant axis (called A.M.I.), and the global structural risk factor, a fundamental data for a precise and complete surgical planning.

Entering into download section of the website www.surgisystems.it (after registration) you will be able to obtain Winmed 5.0 Free Viewer.

Winmed 5 Pro VP (together with the Galileo Target or DGT devices) represents, nowadays, the easiest tecnology to make a computer aided dental implants placement; in that way your dental technician will be able to realize your customized prosthetic guide in his laboratory.

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