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Abutment transfer system for drilling TOWER DRILL

It is an easy and cheap system that makes easier the lingual drilling and threading of the abutments mounted directly on the analogues.
It can be mounted on all ARTIGLIO’s model holder bases and used with most of all ARTIGLIO’s isoparallelometers and of the milling machines available o n the market.
Tower drill is made of a steel disc with a vertical column fixed on it.
A proper adjustable support, sized on the base of the analogue diameter, slides and can be locked on the column.
In the middle of the disc there is an adjustable vertical bearing which gives more stability to the abutment making the drilling proceeding extremely safe and quick.
In order to obtain an exact locking of the analogue it is important to ask the diameter of the adjustable support putting after the code T120 the analogue’s diameter written into brackets and expressed as tenth of mm.
For instance for analogues ø 3,7 – 4,2 and 4,7 - 5,2 the reorder code will be T120 (37) (42) and (47) (52).
It is supplied complete with two adjustable supports whose dimensions must be specified following the instructions written above.
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