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V-slide GT 28

rigid attachment with integrated guide grooves

V-slide GT 28, upgrade of V-slide attachments, provided with two integrated guide grooves and prefabricated matrix housing. 
High machined pricision to grant aesthetic, serviceable, cost-friendly, patient-friendly attachments adaptable to all situations.
The elastic matrices of three different retention streght, need a minimal and quick maintenance that can be made by the technician or also at chairside in a few seconds.

V-slide GT28 is the simplest dental attachment international wich provides excellent lateral stability and requires no additional lingual arms. 



⇒ Two guide grooves integrated in the attachment easily adjustable 

Three colour coded matrices for three retentive strengths: light (green), standard (white) and high (yellow)

⇒ Patrix of non-residual burnout plastic, easily polished

⇒ Small dimensions allow placement in limited rooms

⇒ Time saving thanks to simple and safe processing 


Kennedy's classes I, II, III, IV

0° bars

2° bars


Matrix Patrix
Three retention strenghts: light (green) standard (yellow) and high (red)

• Metal housing, for the matrix fitting, that can be bonded, soldered or fixed with resin into the removable partial denture
Plastic pattern patrix provided with two guide grooves integrated and front waxing guide


Usage advices  

Indications Fixation
►Lower and upper partial dentures

►Free-end and/or bounded restorations

►Unilateral and bilateral dentures

⇒ MATRIX: fitted into its housing that can be bonded or soldered or locked with resin in the removable partial denture

cast as part of crown pattern

See the Offer area of our website for more information by clicking the below link:

- Offer starter kit V-slide GT28
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