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Which features have to be remarked in a milling machine?

Isoparallelometro: precisione


The precision of a milling machine is its capability in maintaining the vertical axis between the milled wall and the working plane. The tolerances of the following three main elements of the machine contribute to this aim: the axis direction of the mandrel and of the movable arm, the rotation of the bur in the mandrel and the planarity of the working plane.

Isoparallelometro: stabilità


The stability is the capability of the machine to maintain the functioning precision during each working phase. Various factors can influence the stability of the equipment: the kind of support and guide, the material used for its manufacturing, the length and the wheel base of the articulated arms and the manufacture tolerances. Artiglio’s machines offer a very high stability to grant the best operating conditions.

Isoparallelometro: maneggevolezza


The manageability is the capability of the milling machine to work totally free. Its arm must not create friction in order to be completely under the control of the user. The 3D movement of the arm of Artiglio’s milling machines is obtained using double articulation systems. In some critical working procedures, such as that of the cervical shoulder, the static mechanical friction is cancelled, granting an incomparable manageability level.
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