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V-slide yellow matrix

high friction

Yellow female used:

- as second retention when the white matrix doesn’t give sufficient retention.

Sold in 4 pieces package. 


► MATRIX: fitted into the framework


Available versions

Matrix: female
► White: duplicating matrix, to be used for male passivation proof or as first retention

► Yellow: high friction, to be used as second retention when the whitw matrix doesn’t give sufficient retention.

Working Procedures for V-slide attachments

 Combined prosthesis

  1. Easy positioning of the patrix with its built in paralleling mandrel

  2. Patrix positioned and provided with a lingual milling

  3. Patrix cast as part of crown pattern

  4. Insertion of white patrix for passive fit proof

 Bar on implants

  1. Positioning of the patrix with a bar on implants

  2. Finishing of the bar with a milling machine




V-slide yellow matrix - high friction

Height (mm) 5
Width (mm) 3,5
Length (mm) 2,9
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