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Resilient attachment

Sweet is a rectangular slide attachment available in different shapes and dimensions.
Concevived in the '50s by Artiglio and subsequently produced and sold as Klinat attachment, its feature is a soft and progressive friction to grant an optimal retention.
Sweet offers a combined support; more rigid in short span saddles and more resilient in long span saddles in extension.

The simplest rectangular dental attachment international  always in stock.

  • Combined connection: rigid retention and resilient support
  • Oversized matrix of long duration


Matrix Patrix
  • Universal for all patrix versions
  • Four materials: resin alloy, ceramic alloy and stainless steel
  • Three components: male, sheath and pin
  • Three versions: C (short), L (long), LR (long with retentive sheath),
  • One material: stainless steel
  • Two inclinations: 90° and 110°


Usage advices  

Indications Fixation
  • Lower and upper partial dentures
  • Free-end and/or bounded restorations
  • Unilateral and bilateral dentures

MATRIX: soldered or cast-on or cast with precious and non-precious alloys

PATRIX: soldered to the framework or retained into the denture acrylic

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