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Resilient attachment

is a dental attachment international small universal joint connector. It allows vertical and rotational movements.

Clock is a very effective attachment which grants the easiest insertion and allows the movement of the prosthesis without transfering, in standard version, any load to the abutment teeth. The prosthesis is securely connected and, in the same time, can be easily removed and adjusted to obtain the wished degree of retention. The ball and socket joint is combined with a damped spring to absorb stress.


Eliminates clasps

Abutment teeth not affected by stresses

Replaceable and adjustable patrix and spring using the suitable tool

Spherical patrix granting an elastic retention and a resilient function

Easy insertion favouring the daily cleaning of the prosthesis 



Matrix Patrix
• Two materials: stainless steel and non residual burnout plastic
• Two components: internal part and sheath

• Two sheath versions
: with or without the upper protection

• One material: stainless steel


Usage advices  

Indications Fixation
► Free-end partial dentures

► Free single-sided saddles

⇒ MATRIX: soldered or cast-on or cast with precious and 
                      non precious alloys

⇒ PATRIX: soldered to the framework or retained in the 
                     acrylic denture

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