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Stainless steel rider

Ackermann clip (round bar + rider)

Rider available in: 
♦ standard version, to function as rigid or resilient connection depending on the diameter of the chosen bar

resilient version, to achieve a higher vertical resilience.

Sold in 4 pieces package.

Pay attention: in order to guarantee the right fitting of the rider, only original preformed bars of ø 1,8 mm or ø 1,9 mm must be used.

RIDER: fitted into the removable part of the denture.


- 707003-B4 standard
-  707003 R-B4 resilient

Working Procedures for C-rider attachments

  1. Fixation of the bur to the abutments with wax
  2. Bar cast
  3. Metal rider snapped over the bur
  4. Plastic rider snapped over the bur
  5. Bar with two plastic riders
  6. Plastic rider fitted into the framework
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