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Parallelomatic, parallelometer especially designed for the surveying. The peculiar features of the articulated pantograph, easy to handle and sensitive, allow maintaining the chuck axis perfectly parallel all over the very wide working plane. The conical insertion mandrel, which makes easier the fitting and the replacing of all analysis accessories, can be provided with a vertical return (MM, optional). The accessories holder is pre-arranged for the application of a halogen spotlight (LA, optional). The parallelometer can be equipped with a feeder (STP, accessory not included) that includes an electronic regulator for the feeding of thermal probes, used for wax smoothing.

Quality details
  • Ideal for the surveying
  • Tri-dimensional pantograph arm
  • Quick accessories holder mandrel sliding on bearing brass
  • Quick model holder A21
  • Available in two versions with or without feeder for thermal probes, used for wax smoothing

  • Quick model holder A21 with extension PRO1
  • Analytic point
  • Graphite holder
  • Calibrators 0,25 – 0,50 – 0,75 mm
  • Wax knife
  • Reducing chuck for the insertion of accessories with cylindrical shank ø 2,35 mm

Parallelomatic - Surveying

Machine dimensions (mm) 200x240 (+135 con STP) x 630
Machine Weight (kg) 4,5 (+0,75 con STP)
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