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SLT Binocular Loupes TTL

Galilean Binocular Loupes TTL (Through the Lens)

SLT Binocular Loupes come with various magnification and field of view specification options:
  • 2.5x magnification is the most popular model. It offers the widest field of view and longest depth of focus.
  • 3.0x is designed for dentists who need more magnification, giving you a good field of view and depth of focus.
SLT Binocular Loupes Features:
  • Titanium frame with flexible hinges available in four colors: red, black, grey and brown
  • Multi-coatedand anti-reflective lenses combining with infinity corrected optical systems
  • Ultra-lightweight, as little as 2 oz (57 g) (including the frame)
  • Completely custom fit
  • Custom working distance: 340 or 420 mm
  • Extremely high resolution
  • Precision optics, with prescription lenses available
  • Greatest brightness and depth of field
  • A practical and fast magnet connection system allows the application of led light HL8200 (just 7 g)
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