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A6 unit Fresart

Excellence Line

Very high-precision milling machine able to satisfy both daily exigencies of a dental laboratory and any other kind of requirement. Thanks to its movable arm assembled on a high-precision ball slide-table the machine
grants in time the highest precision, manageability and stability. The exclusive motor assembly realized by Artiglio together with the micrometric measuring system of the workings assure to the manufacture very high precision and perfect polishing. It is furnished with DC powered chuck (with complete porta-chuck nuts ø 2,35 and 3 mm), digital electronic feeder with adjustable speed, pneumatic-electrical pedal, lockable model holder, spotlight and mandrel for attachments assembly and surveying.
Why choose A6
  • No limits: it permits to realize all the possible works of a dental laboratory with measurable precision.
  • Best result, least effort.
  • Incomparable precision and stability.

Movable arm on high-precision ball slide-table

Device that controls the movement of the milling machine; it reduces to a minimum the movement frictions giving the highest precision, manageability and stability possible at the moment.


DC powered chuck

Motor assembly with excellent torque and very high precision that allows a constant cutting speed, even changing the working pressure, and grants a longer life in the time.

Pneumatic suspension

It is a sort of mechanical “cushion” that balances the vertical movement of the arm, damps the working vibrations and makes the movement lighter. Thus we will obtain a smoother milled wall.

Incorporated micrometric assembly

Assembly integrated in the mobile arm including stops, precision screws and operating knobs. It permits a precise construction, measurable on vertical and transversal axis of the machine, of milled elements, such as channels, chamfers, holes, interlocks and attachments.

Separate digital electronic feeder
It supplies the electrical feeding to the machine and is equipped with all regulation and control devices. Easily removable and multi position for several uses.

Mechanical model holder AR1/M
Very big model holder granting an excellent working stability.
It allows to fix and lock many different kinds of models and to work without using any transfer technique.

Adjustable supporting table

Support of the working plane with high excursion that allows working also on high models.
The picture shows the supporting table with the black removable locking plane AQ52 mounted on it.

Removable locking plane AQ/52

Black plane, shown in the first picture, that allows securing the model holder and, once removed, to work directly on the MULTI-PIN plane, suitable for wax milling and for ceramic materials finishing.

Bur cooling circuit
Pneumatic system that sends air or nebulized air-oil to the bur, during the wax and metal milling, allowing a quicker working, more polished walls and less consumption of burs.

Integrated spotlight Adjustable lighting system of the machine that improves the tri-dimensional perspective of the model without shadows. Being not reflective it is less tiring.

Base locking unit
Very practical system, safe and reliable that allows to lock the base or to move it without friction on the whole working plane.

  Double pneumatic-electrical pedal
Device allowing an easy start and stop of the micro motor and the bur cooling.



  • DC powered chuck
  • Digital electronic feeder
  • Spotlight
  • Pneumatic-electrical double pedal
  • Air-oil cooling assembly
  • Mechanical model holder
  • Sliding disc
  • Locking plane
  • Complete porta-chuck nut ø 2,35 mm and 3 mm
  • Ergonomic handgrip
  • Universal mandrel
  • Milling lubricating oil

A6 unit Fresart - Excellence Line

Worked materials
Wax *****
Resin *****
Precious alloys ****
Non precious alloys ****
Titanium ****
Implants ****
Zirconia -
Technical data
Machine dimensions (mm) 350x400x520
Machine Weight (kg) 24
Dimensions electronic feeder (mm) 195x190x80
Weight electronic feeder (kg) 4
Speed (rpm) 1.000÷20.000
Pressure (bar) 3÷4
Air consumption (l/min) 40
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